Experience since 1922

«Our motto is quality at a reasonable price»

Kiryakov company dealt with buying and selling horses and luxury transportation to weddings by carriage.

The company was founded in 1922 by Mr. Kirjak Djakov in the village of Cherkovna (Provadia municipality) in Bulgaria.

In 1937 his son, Master Georgi Kiryakov established a long dairy tradition first in a private dairy as an apprentice and after World War II in a socialist dairy where 10 tons of milk were processed daily.

In 1949 he became a dairy master.

He has been awarded prestigious awards for his many years of experience.

After the revolution in 1995, a family private dairy with a capacity of 4 tons was opened in the village of Čerkovna.

He gave his experience in dairy production to his grandson, Master Georgie Milchev, who worked here as a dairy manager and technologist.

In 2005, Mr. Georgi Milchev established in the Czech Republic an international company Milex to import dairy products and sausages of the highest quality from Bulgaria.

Gradually, the assortment from Bulgaria expanded to marmalades, honey, olive oils, drinks and cosmetics with rose oil.

Mr. Georgi Milchev graduated from the High School of Veterinary and Zootechnics in the field of Livestock and Dairy. Then he passed the exams for the chef.

Today, Milex operates a retail and wholesale network. We supply the products to a number of shops and you can also buy them directly from us.

We are the exclusive importer of Bulgarian specialties and delicacies brands Ravnogor and Rose Drops for the Czech and Slovak market.


The company has been operating on the Czech market since 2005 with the primary goal of offering our customers truly quality products with an excellent ratio of quality and price, in addition to easily accessible sales points.

Our philosophy is represented in particular by the following basic principles:


We only sell products that we are 100% confident about. We make pre-selection for you and save your time and money.


Through predominantly in-house imports and direct sales to end customers, we achieve attractive selling prices that are close to retail prices when purchased "from the cellar".


We can boast of the professionalism of the staff, who find it difficult to find a comparison in the domestic competition - the shop staff knows the products offered through regular tastings.


Of course in our country is the replacement of defective goods (with proper proof). But as we truly believe in the quality of the products we sell, we will gladly take undamaged / unopened goods back or replace them in any of our stores within a reasonable time.


We focus primarily on private and corporate clientele through our own stores or direct deliveries.

We believe that you will find our offer interesting and we look forward to seeing you!

Your Bulgarica team

Purchase of groceries

Purchase of groceries

- personal in the store.

- in months: April - September, sale only in thermal bags.

- in the months: July - August it is necessary to add a cooling unit to the thermal bag.

Before placing your order, a window will appear for you to select the thermal bag and the cooling unit.

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